Tanya's In!

That’s it - I’m in.

You’ve read that correctly. I’m stepping up my action and I’m running for Ontario PC Party Leader. Let me explain why.

We have to make sure that the protest of parents across this province isn’t falling upon deaf ears. We have to make sure the social conservative voice is being respected. We need our message to be conveyed loudly and clearly.

I’m not sure any of the three declared candidates are going to be that strong voice - at least not yet.

I’ve always said that we need to get rid of the Kathleen Wynne Liberals. And you will remember my constant refrain: that the PC Party is not Patrick Brown’s property, and that sooner or later he would be gone. Well he’s finally gone! Now the PC Party needs a new leader - a leader who will STOP KATHLEEN WYNNE!

It was in the 2015 PC Leadership that another candidate used the slogan "STOP KATHLEEN WYNNE". That was PC MPP Monte McNaughton. Remember him? Well, on Monday of this week, Monte McNaughton announced he wasn't running. This was no surprise to me. But the shocker was this: he’s supporting Caroline Mulroney, a supporter of the Wynne sex-ed curriculum!

That was Monday. Now we’re at Thursday, and I’ve been thinking about this problem over the past three days.

In the last leadership race, like many of you, I supported Monte and was disappointed when he dropped out. After that, he endorsed Patrick Brown. Since then, Monte has buckled and/or remained silent to each and every one of Brown's hideous demands.

The Monte McNaughton experience taught all of us a very hard and valuable lesson. When it comes to these leadership contests, we are far better off supporting candidates who we can trust and who will speak out on our issues. In last year's federal CPC leadership race, we were able to support Pierre Lemieux and Brad Trost, and our issues were heard by the rest of the party.

If the PC Party allows me, I promise I will stay in until the very end. I will not abandon this contest. I will not abandon you.

Moreover, I will take as my inspiration the principled candidacies of Lemieux and Trost, both fine men who so ably represented the views of the families and parents of Canada.

Can I win? I didn’t ask that of Pierre Lemieux and Brad Trost when they ran. They sure had a lot to say during that leadership about family values and the importance of life, and they made a big difference.

So how can you help?

I need a few things to get started.

Most urgently, I need donations in order to enter. The entrance fee for this race is $100,000. Until I officially register as a candidate, these early donations are not tax-deductible, but I need early pre-registration donations in order to get into the race. If you can make a donation, please visit this page. Please note that donations made through the PC Party website will NOT go to my campaign.

Earlier, I said "If the PC Party allows me" to run. What does this mean? The people on the committee which the Leadership process are, for the most part, Patrick Brown’s people. Interim Leader Vic Fedeli is doing a great job in cleaning the mess left behind but he cannot change the committee which controls the leadership process.

This committee will have to “vet” me. They might not let me run. Why? The Brown people are angry that their hero is gone, and they will certainly remember that I was one of Brown's most outspoken critics. We shall see what they decide. If I am allowed to run, and am able to register with Elections Ontario, then donations made after that point will be eligible for a political tax credit.

Finally, I need votes! In order to vote, you have to take out a $10 membership in the PC Party. Anyone 14 years or older can register, but you must be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident, and you must live in Ontario. The deadline to sign up is February 16 at 11:59pm. Click here to register and please forward this email to your family and friends.

You and I can have an impact in the June election through this leadership race. I want to use my voice on your behalf to make sure that our issues are raised during this leadership.

Can I count on your support?

Email me at tanya@pafe.ca to let me know you have purchased your membership so I can send you more information.

For the family,

Tanya Granic Allen, President

IMPORTANT PS: When you sign up to be a PC Party member, you will see an option to indicate to the PC Party who suggested that you join / who recruited you. Please DO NOT fill in this section – this is a bit of trap designed to make it easier to identify you as a PAFE supporter. So leave that part blank!